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Est: 2012

Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management (WAAM) is a multi-asset, multi-strategy manager of investment funds and products structured to create and preserve wealth through investments in private equity, listed equity, property and credit. Our team comprises a tight group of experienced, entrepreneurial professionals who apply a broad range of skills in order to deliver investment opportunities which offer a simple investable outcome – predictable, sustainable, risk-managed returns for investors in an increasingly complex environment.

Private Equity, Section 12J, Listed Equities, USA Property, UK Private Debt

S12j explained in 2 minutes

Why a CGT event benefits investing

Introduction to managers and firm

S12j compliance concerns

Definition of the S12j strategy

The Westbrooke S12j strategies

How their S12j funds are different

How one invests in a S12j fund

Section12j webinar – 45 mins

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