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Est: 2011

Star Investment Partners is an asset manager specializing in partnering with investment advisors and wealth managers to provide investment solutions for their clients.

We are a hybrid Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) managing model portfolios, collective investment schemes and bespoke portfolios locally and globally.

Our portfolios are designed for specific outcomes that outperform cash and inflation in the short term while delivering higher targeted returns with low negative volatility over the longer term.

We embrace all asset classes; however, we seek out those with the highest levels of predictable returns, resulting in us using fixed income and equity to varying degrees in all of our portfolios.

To visit the dashboard with links to all model factsheets, click here. And to visit the CIS fund dashboard, click here.

Multi-Asset; Balanced; Fixed Income; General Equity; Global Equity; Flexible and Structure Products

Introduction to Robert Foster (PM)

Regulation and impact of RDR

Star IP ideal client profile

What is a Structured Product?

The emphasis on partnership

The perfect client relationship

Star IP philosophy

Hedging strategies explained

What is a DFM?

How Star IP differs from its peers

What is a discretionary portfolio?

What is a Fixed Income strategy?

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