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Est: February 2017

Omba Advisory & Investments Limited advises and manages money for Family Offices and High Net Worth (HNW) clients and also acts as Investment Manager to our mutual fund.
The business was started with a belief that we could offer clients a high-quality service by building diverse, global, liquid portfolios using low cost high-quality Exchange Traded Funds.
Our investment process tactically shifts clients into and out of regions, countries or sectors which we think offer better or less value at a particular moment in the investment cycle and we have built our business to be client focussed, non-bureaucratic and technologically astute.

ETFS , Multi Asset

Introduction to Mark Perchtold and OMBA Advisory & Investments Ltd

Symbolism of OMBA

Why OMBA uses ETF’s rather than active managers in a portfolio

Legacy systems and moving into the digital age

What is an ETF?

What are equities?

Introduction to David Pierson
and OMBA

OMBA’s investment process

Why investors should pay
manager fees

OMBA’s moderate risk global allocation fund

Are ETFs in a bubble?

What are dividends?

Who is OMBA Advisory & Investments Ltd?

OMBA’s competitive edge

Why OMBA is able to charge their clients much lower fees

OMBA’s Regulatory Status (RSA) – Section 65 Fund

What is a bond?

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