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Est: 2007

Our investment mantra, “Marry Valuation with the Cycle,” captures the essence of how we manage money. Simply put, we believe that successful investing requires the combination of attractive valuation and a supportive operating environment.

We believe that bringing these two elements together puts the requisite emphasis on risk management and improves our ability to translate the value we identify through our process into tangible investment returns for our investors.

We make investments based solely on merit as prescribed by our philosophy and process; we do not manage money according to a benchmark or predefined indices.

General Equity, Long Short Hedge, Multi Asset.

Introduction to firm and fund managers

Range of funds and how they differ from their peers

Definition of a balanced

Definition of a multi-asset hedge fund

Reflecting on the March 2020

If you weren’t a fund manager what would you be?

Importance of a strong

Description of the Obsidian hedge fund

Definition of a general equity / long only fund

Challenges to investing

Getting good investment ideas outside the office

The worst fund management investment decisions made

Importance of macroeconomic process

How investors access the Obsidian product range

Definition of an equity long short hedge fund

Personal risk tolerance and impact on funds

Taking one’s mind off the markets

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