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Est: 2000

GMG is an independent, private investment company specializing in the acquisition, development and asset management of real estate, diversified amongst residential apartments, hospitality, offices, retail and industrial assets. GMG co-invests with their investors, targeting complete alignment of interests.

With assets under management exceeding €600M the global portfolio and assets are spread between the United Kingdom (43%), Portugal (33%), Switzerland (13%) and Germany (9%). The company has developed a large and experienced operations teams in Geneva, London & Lisbon, focused on pre-planning, planning, construction, project development, sales and turnkey rental management services.

Property Development

Intro Newman Leech and the Firm

LX Living

Skin in the game

Track record and pipeline

Why Portugal?

Skybound Capital

London and Lisbon

Marvila development

Geographies GMG is focusing on

Hospitality and office sector

Thank you Brexit

GMG fintech platform

Brokers supporting GMG

Caparica development

Brexit’s impact

Alentejo development

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