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Est: 2001

Catalyst Fund Managers provides listed real estate portfolio solutions for institutional and retail clients, considering their total return objectives, risk tolerance, investment horizon and liquidity requirements. Their approach is research-driven and long-term orientated.

Catalyst identifies value opportunities based on total return in a real estate and company-specific risk/return framework and their valuation methodology is designed specifically for real estate assessment. Their independent internal company research capability consolidates real estate knowledge with company-specific features.

SA Listed Property, Global Listed Property, General Equity (Long Only), Long Short Hedge.

Introduction to Ryan Cloete and the Firm

Actively managed property funds
vs a passive approach

Definition of a Long Only
Property Fund

Definition of a long only strategy

Definition of a hedge fund

The Firm’s Investment

What impact will Covid-19 have on the listed property sector?

Definition of

What makes the long only fund different

Why you must include listed real estate in your portfolio

Definition of a Long Short
Property Hedge Fund

Introduction to the fund manager and firm

Description of the property hedge fund

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