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Est: 2017

Alumni Energy Investments (AEI) is a registered Section 12J Venture Capital Company that specialises in developing ethical, high potential energy and technology companies. Embracing the true spirit of 12J, AEI selects young start-ups with significant transformative potential, for South Africans at large and for its investors.

There are ten companies in the fund currently, including a low-cost rural telecoms provider that has concluded successful testing and whose market entry is imminent. Included are six hydrocarbon exploration companies located across 32,000km2. strategically selected as potential hydrocarbon territories.  Each company employs innovative exploration techniques to improve the probability of success as well as using cost-effective methodologies.

AEI investors benefit from a blockchain-enabled digital security token that assists in improving returns. This unique and innovative mechanism sets AEI apart from standard Section 12J VCCs.

Section 12J, Venture Capital, Private Equity

Introduction to Shakes Motsilili
and the Firm

Introduction to Alumni Energy Investments

How Alumni Energy Investments solves problems

How technology plays a role in Alumni Energy Investments

Definition to a Section 12j


Technology assets support of AEI’s exploration

Benefit of a Section 12j for South Africans

How the AEI S12j
differs from its peers

Aziza Foundation’s role within Alumni Energi Investments

Alumni Energi Investments
company ethos

Company selection and fund construction

Alumni Energy Investment assets within the fund

Alumni Energi Investments’ view on exploration in RSA

Methodology for exploring hydrocarbons

Operational achievements within the fund

Alumni Energi Investments’ technology assets within the fund

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